Mission & Values


Community Catalyst’s mission is to build the power of people to create a health system rooted in race equity and health justice and a society where health is a right for all.

Our Values

Race Equity & Health Justice

We are fighting to build a health system that is accountable to people, especially BIPOC, LGBTQ+ people, people with low incomes, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, and older adults. We know that those most at risk under our current health system are people with intersecting marginalized identities and know that their active engagement and leadership are essential to a strong movement. Overall, we seek to enhance the impact and support the power-building of state and local leaders engaged in health advocacy, particularly those that represent the people most hurt by our health system today.

Boldness & Action

We seize opportunities at every level to achieve a more accountable health system. We see the need for progressive steps forward that contribute to power-building and help set the stage for fundamental system change. We believe that to reach our vision for equity, we need to reach higher, even if it is out of step with what other groups may be doing. We use strong strategic analysis to ensure the choices we make represent forward progress for people and set the stage for something bigger and bolder.

Collaboration & Humility

We believe in partnership. We deeply respect the creativity and innovation of community leaders, especially BIPOC community leaders, and we approach all partnerships with an emphasis on listening and learning. With the acknowledgment that we have much to learn, we share information and resources. In working with local and state partner organizations, we seek to understand how and where we can use our strengths to be most helpful to our collective cause. Often our role is providing our partners with extra tools and support they request to make the strategic and tactical decisions necessary to achieve their goals.

Learning & Adaptability

The ability to work effectively to advance the interests and rights of people impacted by a rapidly changing health system requires innovation, creativity, and the ability to assimilate new ideas and information. We are willing to question the "common wisdom” and to challenge assumptions –our own and our colleagues' –as we develop solutions. We continually build a work environment that supports and facilitates this kind of learning. Transparency and integrity matter to us that our internal practices match what we communicate and how we show up in the world. We strive for a culture of transparency both internally and externally, where we share information and communicate openly and honestly. We are mindful about how we use our influence, while also being clear about what we don’t know or can’t do.

Our Vision – “For the people, by the people”

Community Catalyst envisions a future in which everyone has what they need to be healthy and thrive. Regardless of health status, people have control over how they live and access comprehensive, quality and equitable care. A powerful, united health justice movement has aligned with the broader progressive movement to address factors that affect health and wellbeing, including housing, economic justice, and other social determinants of health. People have the option to receive effective, responsive care and resources within their local communities and from providers who reflect those communities. The health system is shaped by and responsive to the needs of all people. A sense of freedom permeates as individuals and their communities are able to envision and embody the lives that they want to lead.

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