Karla Walker

Director, Consumer and Community Engagement

Karla Walker is the Director of Consumer and Community Engagement. She has over 25 years of leadership experience working for non-profits in the areas of public health, justice reform, racial justice, equity, advocacy and organizing. Karla’s personal vocation is working with neighborhoods and resident groups to educate people on their inherent rights to be civically engaged, and to stimulate the equality they aspire to have. For the past ten years, Karla has focused on developing specific programming and opportunities that build the leadership skills and power of constituencies in underserved communities. Karla has been successful in developing these programs by facilitating community-connected practice, which engages stakeholders at all levels, narrowing the power gaps that perpetuate systemic oppression.

Karla holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Community Catalyst works to ensure consumer interests are represented wherever important decisions about health and the health system are made: in communities, courtrooms, statehouses and on Capitol Hill.

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