Ladasia Cooke

Health Equity Coordinator, Community Solutions for Health Equity; Advancing Racial Justice project

Ladasia Cooke is the Health Equity Coordinator for the Community Solutions for Health Equity (CSHE) program and Advancing Racial Justice project. In this role, she provides support and help to advance the goals of the two projects, ensuring the execution of deliverable and serving as a liaison between teams, advisory committees and partners. 

Prior to joining Community Catalyst, Ladasia worked in the field of youth programming at Mothers for Justice and Equality, and the Center for Community Health Education and Research Service, Inc. They also served on the Women’s Health Unit’s Community Engagement Team of Boston Medical Center. Ladasia holds a Master’s in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health with a concentration in community assessment, program design, implementation, and evaluation.  

They are passionate about health equity, racial justice, and community healing. Ladasia plans to dedicate their career to partnering with marginalized communities to build sustainable programs that support holistic health and social and political power. 

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