Renée Markus Hodin

Senior Strategic Advisor

As Senior Strategic Advisor, Renée Markus Hodin is responsible for driving the implementation of Community Catalyst’s five-year strategic plan and for the development of strategies related to program incubation, integration, and structure. Prior to assuming this role, she spent 15 years in leadership roles for Community Catalyst’s health system transformation efforts, working to make the health care system more responsive to those it serves, particularly those who are historically excluded. Renée’s expertise extends to other areas of health care including hospital free care and community benefits and health care conversions.

Before joining Community Catalyst in 1998, Renée served as a Special Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Litigation Department of the Vermont Attorney General's Office. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Community Catalyst works every day to ensure people’s interests are represented wherever important decisions about health and health care are made: in communities, state houses and on Capitol Hill.

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