The Restuccia Leadership Fund

Rob envisioned a world in which affordable, accessible, and equitable health care is a human right, and he devoted his life to fighting for this cause. In his honor, we have created the Restuccia Leadership Fund which will financially support the Restuccia Health Justice Fellowship. One of Rob’s greatest gifts to the health care reform movement was his philosophy of engagement —his openness to collaborating with anyone who was interested in improving our health care system. The Fellowship will provide intensive instruction to consumer health advocacy organizations to help them strengthen their ability to engage effectively and powerfully with a broad spectrum of stakeholders at the intersection of policy, politics and care. Fellowship curriculum will place an explicit emphasis on the calling that drew Rob into community organizing—addressing the historically discriminatory roots of the health care system and eradicating deep inequities by diversifying the health justice movement.

Rob left us a solid roadmap with which to design and launch the Fellowship and we are taking steps now to put his plan into action. A generous contribution from you will help infuse Rob’s legacy into the health care reform movement in a lasting way. Thank you for joining us on this journey.  

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