Our Areas of Focus

Expanding health care access and coverage. Improving the quality of care. Protecting patients from crushing medical bills. Holding health care institutions and corporations accountable to the public interest. Spurring community action to address social, economic and other factors that affect the health of people.

Community Catalyst takes on issues or systemic problems that stand in the way of all people gaining access to high quality, affordable health care and living healthy, productive lives. We work to ensure consumer interests are represented wherever important decisions about health and the health system are made: in communities, courtrooms, statehouses and on Capitol Hill.

Our work falls under five broad issue areas:

Implementing Health Reform

Community Catalyst was at the forefront of the historic effort to pass the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which brings comprehensive, affordable health care coverage to millions of the uninsured, improves care, ends discriminatory insurance practices and contains health care costs. State governments are critical to the law’s implementation and ultimate success, and advocates play an integral role by representing consumers when policies are established, programs are developed, and rules and guidelines are set. As part of this work, Community Catalyst invests in crucial state-based advocacy initiatives that maximize the impact state consumer advocates have on implementation nationwide, and works with federal policymakers to ensure consumer priorities and concerns are heard in Washington D.C.

Relevant initiatives: State Consumer Health AdvocacyACA Implementation FundSouthern Health Partners

Relevant issues: ACA ImplementationMedicaidPrivate Insurance and Health Insurance MarketplacesCoverage for the Uninsured

Improving Care

Health care costs in the United States keep increasing, but many patients still aren't getting the quality care they need. Many Americans, especially low-income older adults and individuals with disabilities, have to navigate through a complicated maze of multiple doctors, medications and programs. Community Catalyst believes in a more efficient and patient-centered health care system that provides high-quality care to everyone at a reasonable price.

Relevant Initiatives: Voices for Better Health, Value Advocacy Project, Substance Use Disorders

Relevant Issues: Health System TransformationDually Eligible Populations

Addressing Community Health Needs

Our work with advocates across the country has taught us that improving access to health care and strengthening the health care system aren’t the only ways to improve health. Community-led initiatives to address social, economic, and other factors that affect health—such as income and education—can positively impact health. Whether it’s an effort to increase access to early childhood education, to address jobs and employment or to tackle a public health problem, Community Catalyst works to bring local stakeholders together around common goals and equips them with the tools to succeed.

Relevant Initiatives: Roadmaps to Health Community GrantsHospital Accountability Project

Relevant Issues: Free Care and Community BenefitsHealth Equity

Making Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Prescription drug benefits are essential to any health care program, but inappropriate marketing and prescribing undermines quality of care and affordability. At the same time, too much of the increased cost of drugs is caused by drug companies’ use of illegal practices to either keep the price of drugs artificially high or to increase the sales of their products. Community Catalyst works to improve prescription drug policies, expose illegal practices, and change the culture of acceptable and responsible corporate and institutional behavior.

Relevant Initiatives: Prescription Reform

Relevant Issues: Health System Transformation

Strengthening Health Access and Coverage

Community Catalyst has a long history working at the state and federal levels to expand access to health care for all by improving the affordability of health care coverage and protecting vital safety-net programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, we will continue efforts to ensure coverage is affordable and push for consumer-friendly enrollment assistance for the newly insured.

Relevant Initiatives: State Consumer Health Advocacy ProjectConsumer Voices for CoverageAffordable Care Act Implementation FundDental Access ProjectCommunity Catalyst Alliance for Children’s HealthSouthern Health PartnersSubstance Use Disorders.

Relevant Issues: MedicaidMedicare, Health EquityOutreach and EnrollmentCoverage for the Uninsured

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